National Brigade for the control of mining activities

Control of Mining Activities

National Brigade for the control of mining activities

Under the authority of a Head of the National Brigade, the National Brigade for Control Mining Activities is in charge of:

• the implementation of the Government’s strategy for the control of mining;

• the organization and supervision of team activities Mining Control;

• the enforcement of regulations relating to mining activities;

• monitoring compliance with clauses of the specifications by the mine operators, in conjunction with governments and agencies;

• Control operation, storage, pipeline transportation, processing, import and export of hydrocarbon activities;

• monitoring the activities of exploration and mining projects;

• monitoring the activities of logging sites substances career;

• control activities of operating spring waters, mineral water, and thermal mineral water companies;

• the investigation of disciplinary cases in respect of exploration and mining companies;

• repression of violations of mining regulations

• centralization and exploitation of any information relating to the mining control over the national territory.

It includes, in addition to the Brigade Head, five (05) National Mining Controllers.  

Unit for the Promotion and Monitoring of Mining, Industrial and Technological Recipes
Under the authority of a Unit Head, the Unit for the Promotion and Monitoring of Revenue Mining, Industrial and Technology is in charge of:

– The development of strategies to increase mining revenues, industrial and technological;

– Monitoring the recovery of mining revenue, industry, and technology, in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance;

– Management of the quotas of industrial and technological mining revenues allocated to the Ministry;

– The centralization of information and statistics relating to mining, industrial and technological revenues;

– Monitoring of the management of funds and financial programs for the development of mines, industry, and technology.