Cemac Buyer's Permit Authorisation

Cemac Buyer’s Permit

Cemac Buyer’s Permit Authorisation

The Cemac Buyer’s Permit Authorisation license form called Exit Permit is Issued by the Ministry of Mines in Cameroon Minmiidt-gov.net. The CEMAC Buyers Permit is issued by the Ministry of Mines and Energy to show that the buyer is an approved buyer of Gold and Diamonds with the CEMAC Countries. This document enables the buyer to trade in Gold or Diamonds in countries within the CEMAC region. The permit has a duration of five years and is renewable.

How to Apply for a Cemac Buyer Permit Online in Cameroon? The primary purpose of the Cemac Permit issued by the Ministry of Mines in Cameroon. and give him/her the legal right to purchase gold and other minerals in Cameroon. The buyer will then obtain a buying permit from the Ministry of Mines, without the buying permit precious metals cannot leave the country, and this money

Cemac Buyer’s Permit Authorisation

If you’re planning to buy gold in Cameroon, you’ll need a Buyers Permit.

You can get your Buyers Permit by doing the following:

  • Fill out our application form to apply for a Gold Export License by the trust gold seller
  • Bring the completed application form along with all necessary documents. They will then take all the documents and deposit the files at the government office for evaluation, that is to save investors from getting into scams from fraud stars trying to apply online for BUYERS AUTHORIZATION PERMIT FORM.


Since Cameroon is a Cemac Buyer’s Permit Authorisation license member state, you need the CEMAC Buyer’s permit before you can buy gold from Cameroon. If you are looking for some stunning gold and rough diamond products to add to your collection, you can go to our website and shop

Is the CEMAC Buyers Permit Real or a scam

Does a gold buyer from the USA, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa need a Cemac permit buyer’s license to import Gold to His or her country? Yes, you need this permit license from the Ministry of Mines Gold Permit in Cameroon. Always make sure to Avoid Cemac permit Fraud from a fake website claiming to supply Gold. You can also order a Cemac Buyer’s Permit for Gold from bonasgold.net with brinks shipping to your location.

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  1. Great delivery service you guys have here. My orders cam right on time. I have order Gold Authorization license permit off Ministry of Mines Cameroon couple of times for my business partners and they all turn out be success. I highly recommend this site Minmiidt-gov.net to anyone looking for a Cemac Permit license. Thanks guys

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