Is the CEMAC Buyers Permit Real or scam

Is the CEMAC Buyers Permit Real or scam

Is the CEMAC Buyers Permit Real or scam

Is the CEMAC Buyers Permit Real or Scam? Cemac permit is real and not a scam if you buying the Permit from the Ministry of Mines Cameroon Africa.

Does a gold buyer from the USA, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa need a Cemac permit buyer’s license to import Gold to His or her country? Yes, you need this permit license from the Ministry of Mines Gold Permit in Cameroon. Always make sure to Avoid Cemac permit Fraud from a fake website claiming to supply Gold.

You can also order a Cemac License Permit for Gold from with brinks shipping to your location. Is the CEMAC Buyer license Real or a scam? Cemac buyers permit is real and also a scam depending on who you decide to purchase from. Many Genuine Cemac permit licenses in Cameroon sellers are in Direct contact with the Ministry of Mines in Cameroon.

If you are not currently in Cameroon, obtaining the Cemac Buyer’s Permit won’t be a problem at all since you can do it directly online with the Ministry of Mines Cameroon.

the Cemac Buyer’s Permit

The primary purpose of the Cemac Buyer’s Permit issued by the Ministry of Mines is to authenticate the buyer and give him/her the legal right to purchase gold and other minerals in Cameroon. No authorized seller is permitted to sell to anyone who does not hold a valid Cemac Buyer’s Permit.

CEMAC License Scams in Cameroon

How to avoid CEMAC License Scams in Cameroon, Can you avoid Cameroon Gold Scams online? Fake Cemac permit scams in Cameroon, and Exit permit scams in Cameroon? Looking to Trusted Gold where to buy in Cameroon online. Cemac permits Cameroon, Ministry of Mines Cameroon Gold.

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  1. I almost got scammed but Stumble into a verified ministry of mines and got my exit permit license without any troubles.

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