How to get a gold buying permit in Cameroon

How to get a gold buying permit in Cameroon

How to get a gold buying permit in Cameroon

How to get a gold-buying permit in Cameroon from the official Gold Ministry of Mines? is the ideal place for a Gold License permit authorization.

A gold buying permit in Cameroon is issued by the Ministry of Mines Cameroon (MINMIIDT-GOV.NET). To get a gold buying permit visit MINMIIDT-GOV.NET.  An interview will be scheduled and in the interview, one should be prepared to commit to gold quantities they can buy per month. How to get a gold buying permit in Cameroon, It is a must that this target is met. Cemac buyer’s Licenses are issued every month and should the license holder not meet the monthly target the license will not be renewed.

The gold buying permit fee

For a prospective gold buyer, the criteria below must be satisfied before the issuance of such a gold buying agency permit.

A survey whereby you meet people willing to sell gold to you and the following must be met:

1) Quantities one is willing to sell to you either per week/ month.
2) They must provide their ID and phone numbers.
3) They must also countersign.

Gold Seller License

To obtain this license, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be a resident of CEMAC for at least 12 months.
  • You must have a certificate that shows you have completed an apprenticeship program in gold selling.
  • You must have proof of insurance for $2 million from a company that is approved by CEMAC.

Accredited Gold Buyer Passport

To buy gold, you need to have a valid Gold Export Permit (GEP), Gold Export License (GEL), and/or a Gold Buyers’ License. This is called the “Gold Buyer Passport.”

If you are an accredited buyer, you can apply for your Gold Export Permit at any time. However, if you plan on exporting large quantities of gold from Cameroon or buying large quantities of gold within Cameroon, it is recommended that you do so before applying for your GEP. The same applies when applying for your GEL or GBCE licenses as well; How to get a gold buying permit in Cameroon. it is recommended that these be obtained first before applying for your GEP

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  1. At first I was very worried if i will get my Authorization permit license but it came in this morning. Thanks very much MINMIIDT-GOV.NET . i recommend you 100% to all looking to obtain a license in Africa Cameroon.

  2. Been hearing of fake documents in Africa. But tried to search online and found the verified Ministry of Mines like this. My Gold permit is out perfectly.

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